Ockam Open Source

Use Ockam Open Source for hacking and personal projects.
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Ockam Open Source tools and programming libraries enable applications to:
  • Safely Generate, Store, Rotate and Revoke Cryptographic Keys.
  • Generate unique cryptographically provable Identifiers and manage private keys in safe Vaults.
  • Enable Vault Add-Ons for various TEEs, TPMs, HSMs, Secure Enclaves, and Cloud KMSs.
  • Create Credential Authorities to issue lightweight, fine-grained attribute-based credentials.
  • Securely Issue, Store, Present, and Verify cryptographically verifiable Credentials.
  • Define and enforce Attribute Based Access Control (ABAC) Policies.
  • Deliver messages reliably over any Transport topology using - Application Layer Routing.
  • Create end-to-end encrypted, mutually authenticated, and authorized Secure Channels over multi-hop, multi-protocol Transport topologies.
  • Enable Transport Add-Ons for various protocols TCP, UDP, WebSockets, BLE, LoRaWAN etc.
  • Securely traverse NATs and protocol gateways using end-to-end encrypted Relays.
  • Tunnel any application protocol through mutually authenticated and encrypted Portals.
  • Operate in any environment - cloud virtual machines or constrained embedded devices.
  • Integrate deeply using our rust library or run as an application sidecar process or container.
  • Licensed under the Apache 2.0 open source license.
  • Community Support.

Get Started


If you use Homebrew, you can install Ockam using brew.
brew install build-trust/ockam/ockam

Precompiled Binaries

Otherwise, you can download our latest architecture specific pre-compiled binary by running:
curl --proto '=https' --tlsv1.2 -sSf | sh
After the binary downloads, please move it to a location in your shell's $PATH, like /usr/local/bin.