Cryptographic and Messaging Protocols that provide the foundation for end-to-end application layer trust in data.

At Ockam’s core are a collection of cryptographic and messaging protocols. These protocols make it possible to create private and secure by design applications that provide end-to-end application layer trust it data. The following linked pages provide detailed descriptions of these protocols work:

Verified by experts

In October of 2023, a team of security and cryptography experts, from Trail of Bits, conducted an extensive review of Ockam’s protocols. Trail of Bits is renowned for their comprehensive third-party audits of the security of many other critical projects, including Kubernetes and the Linux kernel.

The auditors from Trail of Bits conducted in-depth manual analyses and formal modeling of the security properties of Ockam’s protocols. After this review was complete, they highlighted:

Ockam’s protocols use robust cryptographic primitives according to industry best practices. None of the identified issues pose an immediate risk to the confidentiality and integrity of data handled by the system in the context of the two in-scope use cases. The majority of identified issues relate to information that should be added to the design documentation, such as threat model details and increased specification for certain aspects.

— Trail of Bits

Download the full report from Trail of Bits’ design review of Ockam’s protocols:

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