Secure Channels

Now that we understand the basics of Nodes, Workers, and Routing ... let's create our first encrypted secure channel.
Establishing a secure channel requires establishing a shared secret key between the two entities that wish to communicate securely. This is usually achieved using a cryptographic key agreement protocol to safely derive a shared secret without transporting it over the network. In Ockam, we currently have support for two different key agreement protocols - one based on the Noise Protocol Framework and another based on Signal's X3DH design.
ockam identity create blue
ockam node create blue --identity blue
ockam identity create green
ockam node create green --identity green
ockam secure-channel-listener create l --at blue --identity blue --authorized-identifiers $(ockam identity show green)
ockam secure-channel create --from green --to /node/blue/service/l --identity green --authorized $(ockam identity show blue) \
| ockam message send hello --from /node/green --to -/service/uppercase