Ockam Orchestrator

Orchestrator has all of the features that you'll need to collaborate with your team, integrate with automated infrastructure, and serve massive scale throughput.
Ockam Orchestrator is a managed cloud service that enables team and companies to:
  • Operate highly secure and scalable Managed Credential Authorities.
  • Provision Managed Rotation Endpoints to implement application fleet wide credential rotation and revocation. Issue, Rotate, Revoke least-privileged, short-lived credentials.
  • Provision Managed Enrollment Endpoints to easily issue fine-grained attribute-based credentials to fleets of application identities using a variety of secure enrollment protocols.
  • Enable Identity Provider Add-Ons to integrate with enterprise workforce identity and customer identity systems like Okta, Auth0, AzureAD etc. and issue fine-grained, short-lived, just-in-time Ockam credentials to enterprise identities.
  • Define, distribute and enforce application fleet-wide Attribute Based Access Control (ABAC) policies. Chose your authorization model: ABAC, RBAC or ACLs.
  • Enable Policy Provider Add-Ons to integrate with enterprise policies.
  • Provision Managed Policy Decision Points to create one place for all authorization decisions.
  • Provision highly scalable and reliable Managed Encrypted Relays for end-to-end encrypted, high-throughput, low latency communication within applications that are distributed across many edge, cloud and data-center private networks.
  • Provision Managed Rendezvous to facilitate UDP based NAT traversal.
  • Enable Stream Add-Ons to bring end-to-end encryption to enterprise messaging and event streaming systems like Kafka, RabbitMQ, Kinesis etc.
  • Enable Vault Add-Ons to safely store keys in cloud key management systems.
  • Enterprise Support.
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