Code Examples

Virtually-adjacent databases

Connect a Python Flask app to a Postgres database, without the need to expose the Postgres service ports to the public internet.
Send messages, metrics, and events from thousands of devices to database services such as InfluxDB, without exposing your data store to the internet.
Increase the security posture and reduce credential exfiltration risk by using short-lived and fine-grained access tokens when connecting to InfluxDB Cloud.

Secure-by-design messaging

Guarantee data authenticity and integrity of events from many producers all-the-way to end consumers. End-to-end encryption protects your data as it moves through Confluent Cloud or Amazon MSK.
Add end-to-end encryption and mutual authentication to any client-server application, with no code change – beyond data centers, past network boundaries, between VPCs, and across clouds.

Developer-first authentication

Apply fine-grained permissions and enforce identity-driven, least-privileged access everywhere in your distributed applications. Enforce the authorization model of your choice - ABAC, RBAC or ACLs.
Combine employee credentials from Okta with cryptographically verifiable credentials to add fine-grained, policy-driven, just-in-time, short-lived, easy-to-revoke employee access to any application.