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Use Cases

Ockam is a set of building blocks to Build Trust between distributed applications.
Modern applications are distributed and have a huge number of interconnections that must trustfully exchange data. To trust data-in-motion, applications need end-to-end guarantees of data authenticity, integrity, and confidentiality. To be private and secure-by-design, applications must have granular control over every trust and access decision. Ockam allows you to add these controls and guarantees to any application.

Virtually-adjacent databases

Create secure communication with private databases, from anywhere. Stop exposing service ports to the public internet and use short-lived credentials.
Send messages, metrics, and events from thousands of devices to database services such as InfluxDB, without exposing your data store to the internet.

Secure-by-design messaging

Guarantee data authenticity and integrity of events from many producers all-the-way to end consumers. End-to-end encryption protects your data as it moves through Confluent Cloud or Amazon MSK.
Add end-to-end encryption and mutual authentication to any client-server application, with no code change – beyond data centers, past network boundaries, between VPCs, and across clouds.

Developer-first authentication

Apply fine-grained permissions and enforce identity-driven, least-privileged access everywhere in your distributed applications. Enforce the authorization model of your choice - ABAC, RBAC or ACLs.
Combine employee credentials from Okta with cryptographically verifiable credentials to add fine-grained, policy-driven, just-in-time, short-lived, easy-to-revoke employee access to any application.
Increase the security posture and reduce credential exfiltration risk by using short-lived and fine-grained access tokens when connecting to InfluxDB Cloud.